Executive Producer / Director / Celebrity Management
Driven to push boundaries
Taking on new challenges in work and life
Focused on excellence
Creating award-winning international lifestyle and fitness programming
Inspired by people
Building brands and shaping stories around dynamic personalities
Passionate about the world
Finding new concepts, people and ideas to widen horizons
Climbing higher
Dedicated to see the world and stay in shape
Executive Producer / Director / Management
With over 25 years in the entertainment and fitness industry, Andrew Freirich has cultivated a deep expertise and breadth of experience with his companies, Fit Global and Fit Global Management. He is an international award-winning Producer and Director of English and Spanish-language lifestyle television and programming. Andrew funnels his passion for fitness, health, cooking, docu-interview and travel into his partnerships with Olympic champions, Hollywood celebrities, famous celebrity chefs and TV fitness personalities whose own drive to succeed inspires him every day.
"My real passion is finding that next new, exciting idea and making it come to life."
Partner with Andrew Freirich and Fit Global
New Content Development
Identify untapped markets and create unique programming for television, DVD or online distribution
Branding and Management
Create new programs, docu-interviews and partnerships around health, fitness and lifestyle personalities.
Producing & Directing
Andrew is an international Executive Producer and Director of award-winning content
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Just Launched

Andrew Freirich and Fit Global are proud to announce the launching of:


Upcoming Projects

  • A new exciting fitness and lifestyle series for MOMS
  • Active travel based series
  • Several new fitness-focused projects
  • Elite conditioning program
  • New Cooking based projects
  • New Docu-style projects
  • Adventure Children’s Book series
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