Each year, Travel Alaska/The Official State of Alaska Travel & Vacation office in conjunction with Princess Cruise Lines invite journalists and Producers to come explore the state. I was fortunate to be invited. Tourism planned a two week trip, with one week by land and one by sea.

Andrew Freirich Executive Producer and Director of Fit Global on a journey in Alaska

Canoeing through the glacial waters in Alaska iceberg in hand

Alaska is one of the destinations I have always been drawn to.  It is one of the most diverse eco-systems and animal populations in the world. Alaska’s topography is also unmatched. Ancient glaciers,  mountains, bodies of water, wilderness, and so much more to explore and take in.

Alaska pristine in nature, I wanted to feel it, see it, and be a part of it. Alaska brings you back in time to an ancient history on this earth.

Some things have not changed for thousands or millions of years.


Massive black bear feeding on a salmon run

With my trip mates, we spent the first week touring and exploring major destinations accessible by land, and in proximity to the  Princess Cruise Lines hotel locations. I went salmon fishing on the Copper River. We went bear tracking and hiking. One of our destinations was the Princess Denali, we ventured off on many day treks, and that experience inspired me to do more high altitude alpine climbing with Mt. McKinley on the radar again.

The food was absolutely incredible. I was eating fresh fish caught hours before, feasting on salmon,  and meeting the amazing chefs at the different lodges who were using local incredients and traditional methods combined with innovative new approaches. I was definitely inspired and looked forward to re-create some of those meals back in my own kitchen.

We ventured out on ATVs and followed the Alaskan pipeline for 20 miles. We took floatplanes into those hard to reach areas, where we saw Kodiak, black and brown bears in their natural habitat.

Alaska rainbow by Andrew Freirich of Fit Global

On our way to Whittier via the Alaskan Rail Service we are gifted with a beautiful rainbow

We took a five hour train ride with the Princess Alaskan Rail Service from Talkeetna to Whittier where we would arrive at port and board the Sapphire Princess.  Over the five hour stretch by train, we experienced an incredible array of landscapes and nature. Every moment was so scenic and inspiring. I’m so grateful for the craft that I enjoy so much that affords me these tourism opportunities.

We sailed to Skagway, Juno and Ketchikan. We climbed glaciers and navigated around and over cravasses. We visited remote  Alaskan towns accessible only by boat. We were fortunate enough to meet some of the indiginous peoples, getting to know their culture and how they interact with the land. Everywhere I went, there was something incredibly unique.

The amazing thing is that I bring back each and every location around the world with me in some way.  I also go into each trip with an open mind to explore the opportunities and potential projects that are borne from each location.




  • Aboard the Sapphire Princess in Skagway, Alaska
  • Co-piloting to the Island full of bears
  • Getting ready to Land on Island to follow bears feeding
  • Our float plane at the dock on a small island in Alaska
  • Alaskan Bears Feeding on salmon run, there were literally thousands of salmon!
  • Bears catching salmon in midair, incredible getting so close to witness the feeding frenzy
  • Happy in Alaska
  • Scouting the glacier for our trek the next day
  • Approaching the mouth of the glacier, a little glacier ice for my Bloody Mary later on...
  • Canoeing our way to this spectacular glacier
  • After a week long excursion by land, our train arrives at the Sapphire Princess
  • Admiring the enormity of the glacier from our canoe
  • Walking quietly we snuck up on a female moose
  • Sapphire Princess Cruise Ship waiting for our arrival
  • Rafting down the Copper River, close encounter with huge male bald eagle perched on a boulder
  • The stunning glaciers. Everyone wanted to get close.
  • Spectacular rainbow, another gift from nature on this trip
  • Riding ATVs along the Copper River headed towards the Alaskan Pipeline
  • Alaskan elk horns, working on my shoulder presses
  • A hearty meal on ship after a long day hiking on the glaciers.