A lifestyle full of Hollywood, California coastlines, great weather, daily treks and exercise adventures, weekend road trips to the mountains, desert and coastal towns!

I can remember a time in high school driving my 1968 Firebird convertible, listening to the Eagles “Hotel California” dreaming of what it would be like cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Fast forward, at the conclusion  of my senior year in College, I was recruited by the world renowned William Morris Agency to interview for their Agent Training Program. You probably are asking how in the world did you get that opportunity?  I’ll make it short.  One summer while I was the head life guard at a well known country club. I befriended an older woman who came to the pool every day by herself. I only knew her as Sally.  hollywood-116225_1920We struck up many a conversation, and she enjoyed watching me give swim lessons to the little ones.  At the conclusion of the summer, she asked me to have lunch with her during my break.  I said it would be my pleasure.  The first thing she asked me is if I knew who she was?  I said no, I just know you as Sally, I never thought of inquiring any further.  She said good!  Andrew, I have watched you interact with the members and their children all summer and I admire how you handled yourself!  she went on to say, I have an offer for you.  My husband is the President of the William Morris Agency, Nat Lefkowitz.  I think you would be a great agent.  Prior to you graduating from College, please stay in contact, and I will provide you with all the introductions and the rest is up to you.  Upon graduation I did just that.  Six months and nine interviews later, I was an agent in training in the Beverly Hills office.

Over the next fourteen years, I experienced life, California, Hollywood, and the entertainment business to it’s fullest. WMA was the ultimate introduction, and provided me a wealth of contacts to move on into the next stage of my career as an Executive Producer and Director.

Cooking with Wolfgang Puck Video Cover

World renowned celebrity Chef Wolfgang Pucks first cooking show

I started my own production company, and my earliest projects included collaborations with Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck and TV icon Heather Locklear. Those two projects also opened the doors for me in so many ways to continue to create, Produce and Direct future projects.

Not only does California offer some of the best weather in the country, it’s  year round outdoor activities provide an amazing play ground for all the outdoor enthusiasts.  California is also one of the most health and fitness conscious places in the country. I have always been an outdoorsman, with hiking, biking, running and climbing as part of my daily routine. The geography offers so many opportunities, to explore from the entire landscape of where the mountains meet the sea, and in between.  The desert is an arms length away with 5 star resorts.

Visits up north to Santa Barbara were highlights of each month while I lived there. Weekends away in the Desert like Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage would allow me to relax and decompress while rejuvenating in their great spas.  Arrowhead and Big Bear mountains were a couple hours away, and provided my mountain climbing needs while enjoying the favors of mountain nature.


A lifestyle full of Hollywood, California coastlines, great weather, daily treks and exercise adventures, weekend road trips to the mountains, desert and coastal towns! The Beach Boys had it right!


  • Enjoying a magnificent sunset at one of my favorite beaches off Pacific Coast Highway
  • On Location in the Arrowhead mountains
  • The summit of a local mountain, overlooking Santa Monica, with Catalina Island in the background.