Home of Totalmente en Forma

One of the projects I created and am most proud of is Totalmente En Forma (Totally In Shape), the very first Spanish language television fitness series in ESPN’s history. I selected Acapulco, Mexico, to film the very first installment of 26 episodes. I continued to film in other parts of Mexico, including Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen. I worked closely with the airlines Aero Mexico, Mexicana, and Mexico’s Office of Tourism to create cross promotional opportunities and exposure for the series.

After its first season, Totalmente En Forma became the #1 Spanish language fitness series in the world, broadcasted in over 60 countries and islands for seven years.

How it all started…

My first experience in Mexico was through a six month International Relations Exchange Program during my College days.

It was a game changer for me, Spanish came easy and so did adapting to the culture. That experience enabled me earlier on in my career to serve as  Executive Producer at Fit TV where I Produced and packaged 60 fitness episodes, 30 in Spanish with an all-star cast from Mexico and the other 30 episodes in English with Buns of Steel star Tammy Lee Webb.

Following that series, I went on to Create, Direct and Produce a series of three DVD’s filmed on location back in Cuernavaca, Mexico with my “Totalmente en Forma” brand.  Distributed by Sony Music Video.

Having spent years working in Mexico, I also developed a love for the country, and  have vacationed in Mexico almost every year since sharing this wonderful culture with my wife and children, whom also speak some Spanish. Mexico will always have a very special place in my heart, and we will continue to create more memories there.

  • Andrew on set with one of Totalmente en Forma’s hosts Lizbeth discussing strategy
  • The cast of "Totalmente En Forma” shot on location in Cozumel, Mexico
  • Posing for a promo shot with one of our super talented cast members, Penelope
  • Gloria and Martika, working it, during the filming of one of our shows in Cozumel, Mexico.