Flying into Seattle you can’t miss one of the crown jewels in the world of Alpine climbing.  Mt. Rainier standing 14,411 feet, is a monster of a mountain and one of the most glaciated in the world. Even from the roof top of my hotel in downtown Seattle, (Seen above) it’s presence is known over three hours away.  I have climbed Mt. Rainier twice,  you can see more on my climbs up Mt. Rainier on this website.

Seattle and the state of Washington offer one of the most beautiful geographical play grounds in the country. Mountains, islands, bay’s lakes, forests, rivers, world renowned National Parks, and a close proximity to Vancouver.  No wonder it’s a favorite of mine!

I have thoroughly enjoyed touring around the Olympic Peninsula visiting towns like Port Townsend, as well as the San Juan Islands, including Friday Harbor.  Another great trip is to make your way to Vancouver Island. Most of the traveling I have done, has been by driving my car onto a large ferry, and being transported to the destination.  The ferries offer great amenities and amazing views of the landscape.  It’s quite convenient and enjoyable.

Seattle is also known for it’s rich array of food and culture.  I have traveled to Seattle half a dozen times, and always indulge in the extensive selections of restaurants and specialty food shops.  I’ll always try a few new places each visit.    Seattle’s laid back culture, genuine friendliness,  combined with it’s cultural sophistication, make it a popular destination attracting a wide and eclectic population from all over the world.

A must to visit is Pike’s Place Fish Market. It’s filled with just about every spice, flower, food, and a array of local art. I have always enjoyed meandering around the market, sampling foods and taking it all in.   One of the most popular attractions is the fish toss. It’s like a small fish auction.      A shopper makes an offer on a particular salmon at the going rate, and if accepted, the fish monger will toss the whole salmon at the shopper.

No wrap no bag, a big 25 pound salmon looking like an off speed pitch airborne.

Of course it’s all show, and most of the time, the fish is bobbled and then dropped, occasionally if it is caught, a large applause is heard through out the market.  Following, the salmon is wrapped and put on ice to take home.

Seattle is also known for it’s die hard sports fans.  The Seahawks have made them proud by winning a Super Bowl two seasons ago.

In summary, Seattle would be very high on my list if I was to relocate with my family.


  • Having dinner from a roof top restaurant at dusk in downtown Seattle, the famous Needle in the background
  • The Pike Place Market sign
  • Getting ready to explore Seattle's Pike Place Market
  • The world famous fish toss of Pike Place!
  • Picking the right one...
  • Selected my salmon for that night's dinner!
  • Downtown Seattle from the ferry to Bainbridge Island
  • Bainbridge Island, off Seattle Mainland