Fundraising Climb Up Mt. Rainier

Photographs by Andrew Freirich

Andrew has been an athlete and explorer all his life.   On a business trip to Seattle, flying over Mt. Rainier and admiring the mountain, the seed was planted.  “I was so taken by its enormity and beauty. Mt. Rainier is known for being one of the crown jewels of the U.S.”

In 2009, after six months of training and logistical planning,  Andrew took on Mt Rainier. But he didn’t just set out to climb a mountain. He wanted to use the opportunity to do more and partnered with St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital to raise money and awareness for juvenile cancer. One of Andrew’s focal points was a young girl in treatment at St. Jude’s.

He was very moved by her courage and will, and asked her for something very special to her. She gave Andrew a small stuffed Simba lion, from Disney’s The Lion King, as a token of inspiration on his journey.  “I imagined her climbing with me, step by step on the mountain”. The climb also allowed me to reflect on my own life over the days to come on the mountain.  Life is quite similar, we face ups and downs but we continue…upward and onward!”

“Climb for a Cure” raised $10,000 for St. Jude’s Hospital.

“The challenges I faced on the mountain were nothing compared to the challenges these children face everyday! Their courage inspired me to keep moving upward and onward, when it seemed like my body couldn’t. They inspire me every day to climb to new heights.”

  • Into thin air on Mt. Rainier
  • Image that made it onto a Magazine Cover
  • Simba came along for the climb, given to me by the St. Judes patient
  • Simba doing well on the climb
  • Photo with one of the St. Judes patients supporting Climb for a Cure.