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Andrew Freirich and Jennifer Nicole Lee, on the set of Fabulously Fit Moms BestSelling Fitness DVD Series

Andrew and Jennifer on the set of Fabulously Fit Moms

Andrew first saw Jennifer Nicole Lee on the Oprah Winfrey show. Her story was intriguing — an attractive, energetic mom who was able to transform her body and inspire other women with her weight loss of nearly 80lbs. The title Andrew developed suited the star perfectly.

Over the course of six months, Andrew worked with Jennifer and the production team to train and shape the presentation and style of the series. The project was then pitched to Koch Entertainment (now A1 Entertainment) who also embraced the idea. Meredith Publishing was brought in as a publishing partner with their properties, Child Magazine and Parent Magazine, for cross-promotional opportunities.

Andrew Freirich and Jennifer Nicole Lee on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch

Andrew Freirich and Jennifer Nicole Lee on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch

At the time, there wasn’t really a “mom” based brand that catered to fitness and health. It was truely an untapped market. But there was a real need, and the success of the program was testament to that. The project became a best-selling, award-winning DVD series, launching the career of Jennifer Nicole Lee and tapping into a powerful demographic.

Read about the series in a story by the New York Daily News.

“Jennifer Nicole Lee found a unique way to exercise and spend time with her children…Pretty cool!” – OPRAH WINFREY

At the time, there wasn’t really a “mom” based brand that catered to fitness and health. It was truly an untapped market. The success of the Fabulously Fit Moms series proved it! I’m looking forward to launching a new brand of health and fitness related products for Moms later this year.”


  • The New Mom Workout
  • Total Body Workout
  • Super Energized Workout
  • Sleek and Sexy Workout
  • Upper Body Blast
  • Lower Body Burn
Fabulously Fit Moms on Inside Edition
Sleek and Sexy Workout    
Upper Body Blast 
Super Energized Workout
 The New Mom Workout
 Lower Body Burn

A Q&A with Jennifer Nicole Lee

How did the idea for Fabulously Fit Moms™ originate?

Fabulously Fit Moms with Jennifer Nicole Lee, Created by Andrew Freirich and Fit Global ProductionsThe idea was conceived when Andrew Freirich and his company Fit Global approached me about doing a fitness series.  After weeks of brainstorming, collaboration and research, the concept for Fabulously Fit Moms™ was born. We’re really proud and excited to have created the first workout series that exclusively targets the millions of moms across America.  Our goal has always been to motivate and inspire all moms so that they too can be fabulously fit.

What motivated you to take charge of your our health and fitness?

My frustration from not having energy, not being a fit role model for my children and not being the best me I could be, motivated me to become healthy.  Instead of “crying victim” and using the pregnancy excuse, I achieved my goals by making getting in shape fun and invigorating.

After a lifetime of struggling with your weight, how did you manage to change your habits in such a short period of time?

It’s so simple!  Just by making small changes one day at a time, pretty soon I was able to enjoy dramatic health benefits.  Now, my Fabulously Fit Moms™ DVDs will show moms how they too can reclaim their energy, strength and confidence.

Fabulously Fit Moms DVD Packaging with Jennifer Nicole Lee and created by Andrew Freirich

How did you devise the techniques for incorporating your children into your workout routine?

I asked myself the most empowering question: “How can I lose weight, get in shape and spend quality time with my children?”  I then came up with this innovative and revolutionary concept where you engage, interact and share bonding time with your “cuddlies” while tightening, toning and blasting fat.  It’s all about “working out smarter.”

How does the series allow moms to “workout smarter”?

I have designed simple, easy to execute moves for moms who want to experience maximum results in minimum time. My Fabulously Fit Moms™ DVDs are specially designed for ultra-busy moms who only have 30 minutes to get slim, sculpt every inch and boost their energy levels.

192_FFM_TotalBody_3DDo moms need previous fitness experience to use the DVD series?

No way!  That is what makes Fabulously Fit Moms™ so special.  You have the power to choose your own workout level.  You are not “bullied” into the movements.  Rather I act as a motivational instructor, dictating proper form and encouraging you to find a comfortable yet challenging pace.  That way, every time you come back and get energized with me, you’ll feel stronger, fitter and better!

What are the unique benefits to the Fabulously Fit Moms™ series?

The benefits are in how diverse the movements are.  Fabulously Fit Moms™ keeps your body guessing and makes getting in shape fun and never boring.  You will gain energy, stamina, endurance and become a true “athlete” in only 30 minutes a day.  In fact, you’ll feel strong, healthy and confident every time you put on the DVD!  And by enjoying the benefits of my personally designed, easy-to-follow choreography, you will quickly become a healthier you!

Does Fabulously Fit Moms™ allow women to switch up their routine to avoid workout boredom?

Absolutely!  Our Fabulously Fit Moms™ series is made up of six diverse and varied workouts, so you’ll never get into a rut.  Simply rotate the DVDs to get a fresh, brand new workout that will keep your body and mind energized.

How many times a week do you recommend moms use the DVD series and for how long should each of their workouts last?

I recommend popping in a Fabulously Fit Moms™ DVD at least three to four times a week to see and enjoy maximum results.  It only takes 30 minutes three to four times a week, and you will become a healthier, fitter and slimmer you.

Besides exercise, what else should moms do to stay healthy and fit?

Always aim to eat small mini-meals every three hours. Graze on fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts in between meals to keep hunger at bay.  Also be kind and gentle to yourself!  Fitness is a journey to be enjoyed, not a one time event.  Relish the fun that living a fit life can give you and take it one step at a time!

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