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Once every four years, Olympic swimmers become stars. But these athletes have to create and sustain a brand in between their time in the spotlight.

Andrew met Roland Schoeman while he was Directing and Producing “Olympic Journey” documentaries for one of his clients, Health Monitor Network, exploring the mindset of athletes. With his prior experience as an agent, Andrew recognized a true champion and gentleman in Roland, in addition to an opportunity to market him in the U.S.

At the time, Roland had owned the world record since 2009, having swam the fastest 50m free (short) in history, in addition to being an Olympic gold, silver and bronze medalist.  Well spoken with his model looks, Andrew brought Roland on as a client. In the first two months of their partnership, Andrew landed him two magazine covers and the “Olympic Journey” docu-interview,  increasing Roland’s much needed exposure in the U.S.

Now training for his fifth Olympics, Roland Schoeman is an inspiring example of experience and hard work — and rising to the challenge.


Roland Shoeman on Experience Life Magazine from Lifetime Athletics

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Roland Shoeman on the cover of Scottsdale Health Magazine

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Roland Schoeman wins the gold medal in Athens in 2004



“It was great working with Roland this past year! In the first two months I landed him two magazine covers and a info-documentary and behind the scenes cover shoot which I directed and produced. Pretty awesome working with one of the best ever in history. Roland has broken over 10 world records, has three Olympic medals, competed in four Olympics and is training for his 5th! Inspiring!”