Founder, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher and Featured Writer

WinningFitness_CoverWith his personal mission to “See the World. Stay in Shape,” Andrew launched a new publication, called Winning Fitness. His ambition for this magazine was to bring men and women together in fitness and in a healthy lifestyle.

Andrew had a covey of contacts from the William Morris agency,  and, as he lived in California, had access to a plethora of celebrities and professional athletes, he was able to tap into superstars Andre Agassi and Mike Piazza, television personality Brooke Burke, ESPN’s Kiana Tom, Good Morning America’s Joan Lunden, Ford’s #1 male model Rick Edwards, as well as supermodels Vendela, Elle MacPherson and many others.

Andrew was invited by an adventure company in conjunction with Sedona Tourism to immerse himself into one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Brooke Burke accompanied Andrew, and also served as his model for the feature.  A small group of eight came together from all over the country.  Each day at 6 a.m. Brooke and Andrew  sipped on coffee, ate a small breakfast, and pre-hydrated, getting ready for eight hours of hiking, scrambling up and down the new trails, mountains and mesas that fill Sedona.

“Sedona is a magical place that pierces your senses into overdrive,” said Andrew. “Each day. Brooke and I would discover something new, either about ourselves, or about the world in general. Sedona does that to you.  The purpose of this trek was to challenge ourselves both physically and mentally.  The formula was easy, immerse yourself in eight hours of strenuous hiking in 90 plus degree heat, be open to the world around you, share your thoughts, and just feel.

Without fail, we would see changes in one another each day. Sedona puts a pin in your balloon, and forces you to decompress while never knowing it, until it becomes an AHA moment. And AHA became our mantra!  Brooke and I will always remember our week in Sedona for it changed both of us, and set things in motion of where we are today.

From his Publisher’s Note:

Andrew with a model and Mike Piazza

Andrew with superstar Mike Piazza of the L.A. Dodgers shooting Winning Fitness Cover, Los Angeles, CA

My vision for this publication was to design a magazine for both men and women, feeling that it was important to bring the two genders together, not only on a physical plane, but also on a level of total fitness. I have always encouraged couples that the key to self development and growing together comes with exercising five key areas (Body, mind, spirit, social and intellect, while sharing that growth and communicating with one another.

Andrew Freirich and Brooke Burke in Sedona AZ for Winning Fitness Magazine

Brooke Burke and Andrew shooting a Winning Fitness Cover, Malibu, CA

Total fitness is a commitment to you and your significant other. Winning Fitness causes us to look at what we do, and how we do it, in a different way. Life, love, work and play can be much more then we imagine if total fitness is achieved. We must also understand how that balance is attained, “The Journey” that is the true knowledge. Once you have learned this method, you can always return to it at your own will.

A philosophy that I would like to share with you is that we must take an active role in our lives. Find our strengths, understand and work on our weaknesses. Balance is the key to true happiness and well being. Life is learning and learning is wisdom. Wisdom can be shared.
All of us have a purpose in our life, so find that purpose and grow. There are many paths that will give us these opportunities. Each path that we take in life carries us to another bridge, which in turn will take us in a new direction. The cycle continues our entire life as we follow these basic principles of intuition, wisdom, and learning.

I live by these principles every day, so let the Winning Fitness philosophy be your source and guide to achieve a totally fit life!

“This was a great passion project for me. I worked with so many talented people and am really proud of the work we did.”

Lasting impressions…

Since that week in Sedona, much has happened in my life. Through it all, Sedona was my go-to place to re-group and re-energize.

Sedona became a part of me, and will always be a part of my fabric.

Today, I am so blessed to be able to share my love for Sedona with my amazing wife Shannon and my kids Henry and Libby.  To add to the spectacular nature of Sedona, when I was thinking about proposing to my wife Shannon, it only took a nanosecond to decide where.  My plans went off flawlessly, I guess Sedona was a part of it all along.

We recently took a vacation to Sedona April of this year, and we all shared in it’s beauty. My wife now shares the same love for Sedona!